Casual Chaps was formed in 2014. Started as a simply Directory for clothing sites it has now grown into a popular Menswear Guide.

With the use of the ever growing Social Media Casual Chaps has over 62,000 followers all with one thing in common, their love for fashion...

For me, it started on the Football Terraces in the 90s. A love for the Casual Culture started at around the age of 13 & has carried on until the current day. Growing up on football & fashion labels such as Lacoste to Stone Island, football & fashion has always been high on my list. The Casual Culture really took off in the 80s and is growing popular by the day all over the world. Casual Chaps was started with our love for fashion & the casuals scene and too this day we are a great sourcebook for fellow Casuals around the world.

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