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About Us...

Casual Chaps was formed in 2014. Started as a simply Directory for clothing sites it has now grown into a popular Menswear Guide.

With the use of the ever growing Social Media Casual Chaps has over 62,000 followers all with one thing in common, their love for fashion...

What The Casuals Say...

Been following Casual Chaps for a few years now, handy website to help me find what i want.

Steve M

Mansfield, UK

Love the labels guide, saves me loads of time when shopping online, keep it up!

Ben R

Glasgow, UK

Big fan of the Facebook page, plenty of info on new releases & discount codes to save me money.

Patrick H

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Fairly new to the 'casuals' scene but following Casual Chaps helps keep me up to date with the latest fashions.

Toby D

Hamburg, Germany